Anchor Skate Supply

Anchor Skate Supply

“Anchor Skate Supply”

The Anchor Skate Supply mural was a collaboration with Gibbs Mural Club and a new local business.  Robert Brown, owner and operator of Anchor Skate Supply, commissioned the project in an effort to bring attention to his new business.  It is located in downtown St Petersburg, across from Tropicana Field, at 501 16th Street South.   Catch a Rays game and see the mural at the same time.

In designing this mural, I was looking for ways of incorporating the city of St. Pete with the theme of skateboarding.  Mr. Brown had inquired about the possibility of combining skating and underwater scenery.  James Rosenquist’s unique approach to collaging together images into a powerful display of color and composition helped inspire this design.  Salvador Dali is another artist that had an influence on the project.  The largest collection of his work outside of Europe is housed in the Dali museum in downtown St. Pete.  The museum can be found in the background on the east side of the building behind a couple of skate boarders performing aerial maneuvers.  There is also an element of surrealism with the eagle ray’s ability to flow throughout the composition.

The Anchor Skate Supply brand was designed with nautical intentions.  The HMS Bounty, a famous historic replica that sank during hurricane Sandy, has a special connection with St. Pete and the old pier.  St. Petersburg served as a home to this vessel every November-to-May.  The sunken ship makes an appearance on the North side of the building as part of the underwater scene.  Above the ship, you will find the symbol for St. Pete, the Pelican.  Local symbols were used throughout the design paying homage to the area.

Big thanks to Robert Brown, Nick Nicks, the Gibbs Mural Club, and the parents for making this project happen.  A special thanks to Mr. Velez and his Clara Rose Ice Cream Truck for providing ice cream for the students on an intensely hot day.  This mural can be found alongside local, national, and international muralist in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  Take a mural tour and find out more information about the artists that are helping shape the community of St. Pete.