Stonegate Mortgage Co

Stonegate Mortgage Co

“Stonegate Mortgage Company”

This mural was the first project collaborating with Gibbs Mural Club.  In 2016, I founded a club with a group of students, from the Pinellas County Center for the Arts, as part of a public art project.  Stonegate Mortgage company provided us with a grant in an effort to bring some color into their workplace.

The design includes an array of aquatic life that can be found here in the waters of Florida.  It is important to remind people of the beauty that surrounds them, as it is often overlooked due to the hustle and bustle of today.  Finding ways to incorporate the business into the mural is always a goal for me when developing a design.  The logo for Stonegate, a pillar, can be found near the bottom surrounded by fish.

While most people are well aware of the shark populations in Florida, they may not be aware that Florida is the most important sea turtle nesting area for the United States.  The green turtle was chosen because it is listed as an endangered species in Florida.  Most species of turtles are close to extinction as a result of hunting for meat and harvesting eggs.  It is up to us to put an end to these acts before it is too late.  This is why our turtle takes center stage for this mural.  Our oceans are a fragile ecosystem that are greatly impacted by our actions.  We need to come together to preserve these natural wonders for generations to come before it is too late.

Big thanks to Stonegate Mortgage Company, the Gibbs Mural Club, and the parents for making our first project possible.  It was a far commute for many of us, and the extra effort paid off.  As a result of the Stonegate Mortgage and their generosity, the club was able to purchase important equipment for future jobs.