The Flag Company

The Flag Company

“Peace Offering”

The Flag Company mural was part of a downtown Clearwater beautification project.  The City of Clearwater and the Clearwater Redevelopment Agency put out a call to artists for five walls.  We were selected, and awarded a grant, alongside national and international talent.  The only requirement was no sea creatures, in an effort to distance the downtown area from the prestigious Clearwater Beach.

This project was a great opportunity to dive into the history of the area.  A history that dates back more than 10,000 years.  Long before the United State existed, Christopher Columbus, or Spanish conquistadors, there was a rich Native American population that inhabited Florida.  Evidence shows, that Paleo Indians coexisted with the megafauna of the Pleistocene including mammoths, mastodons, giant ground sloths, and many others.  Fast forwarding to the present, there is a legend that the Tampa Bay area is protected by the natives from storms.  This can be seen by the Native American blowing towards the incoming storm on the left-hand side.

To pay tribute to the Flag Company, the design began with a deconstruction of the Florida Seal found in the heart of the Florida flag.  The Native American woman is dropping hibiscus flowers in the water that move towards an approaching storm.  A rim of arrowheads lining the inside of her basket helps to identify three distinct time periods and points.  The giant whelk shell in the foreground, and the temple mound in the background represent the shell mounds and can be found throughout the Florida coast.  These shell deposits are remanence of a once bustling activity of these early civilizations.  The goal of this project is to combine Clearwater history, folklore, wildlife, and the Flag Company in an effort to share local history and culture with residents and visitors.

Big thanks to the City of Clearwater, Clearwater Redevelopment Agency, and the Flag Company for selecting us as part of their first downtown mural project.  It was an honor to be showcased alongside national and international talent for this event.  Big thanks to the Gibbs Mural Club and the parents for carpooling to Clearwater making this project happen.  The mural was featured on the front page of the Clearwater Times, and covered by ABC Action News 8, Bay News 9, Fox News 13, and WPDS-TV14.  Stop by The Flag Company at 1360 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, Florida and take a picture.  Make sure to tag us on Instagram.